June 10, 2023

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11 Dorm Room Essentials Everyone Should Have


You may walk into your university and have a bookstore to get all of your necessary text literature and school supplies, along with finding a desk to sit in as you move from classroom to classroom. But don’t expect your dorm room to be stocked with all of those campus survival supplies that you might miss until you actually need them. 

Instead of getting stressed out on the first day of school with a practically empty room, make sure that you go shopping beforehand with this checklist of twelve dorm room essentials that everyone should have. 

1.) Humidifier 

Make the most of a whisper-quiet amazon humidifier that has a water tank large enough to only have to be refilled every 50 hours and covers up to 500 square feet for larger dorm rooms. Prevent you and your roommates from having to breathe in dry air that can lead to dry throats, skin, and nasal passages, as well as getting sick during flu season.    

2.) Mini Fridge

There may be mornings when you are running late for class and need to get a snack out of your refrigerator. The thing is, that isn’t an appliance that you will likely see waiting for you when you show up at your college campus. 

Purchase a mini fridge to save money on food and beverages that you can consume quickly during your busy days with

3.) Comforter 

Sleep is extremely important to succeeding as a student and as a functioning human being, period. Treat yourself to a warm, soft, and durable comforter for those colder nights that are able to fit the extra-long size of a typical dorm mattress. 

4.) Sheets 

Make sure you are aware ahead of time of what size your bed is going to be in your dorm room in order to purchase the appropriate size sheets. Get fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases. You don’t want to be stuck with just one because they have to be washed, and your schedule may not always stay the same each week while in college.   

5.) Pillows

While you are packing up to move into your dorm room, be sure to select extremely comfortable pillows to rest your tired head on each night. Having good pillows for dorm rooms can be the difference between waking up with a restful sleep or rising each morning feeling sluggish.

6.) Desk Fan 

If your dorm room doesn’t have air conditioning, having a desk fan with adjustable speeds and heights will come in handy when you are trying to study or sleep during the hotter nights. 

7.) Trash Can 

Don’t be surprised if your dorm room doesn’t come with a trash can. Make sure you have a durable can to dispose of take-out food wrappings, and even consider getting a second can to recycle scrap paper. 

8.) Handheld Vacuum 

When you start setting up your dorm room, remember you aren’t going to be assigned a maid to clean up after you. You also may not have a tremendous amount of space to store a full-sized vacuum. Solve these issues fast with a handheld vacuum for dorm rooms that can remove a mess from carpets, floors, furniture, and hard-to-reach crevices. 

Be sure to get a handheld vacuum that you can quickly clean out in the sink, and it runs on a battery for convenient cordless cleaning that doesn’t require having access to a power outlet. 

9.) Bath Towels 

Washing clothes and bath towels will be your personal responsibility, so have no less than two bath towels, two hand towels, and four wash clothes to go right along with your soap, shampoo, and conditioner when taking a shower. 

10.) Earplugs 

If there is one thing that you will surely hear on college campuses, it is noise. Many teenagers and young students in their early 20s are getting their first piece of independence after living with their parents or legal guardians. 

If you already get startled out of your sleep by the slightest sound, remember you will most likely be sharing your room with another student, and you may not go to bed at the same time. Get yourself some earplugs to increase your chances of sleeping more soundly. 

11.) Area Rug 

Be aware that dormitory quarters often don’t have carpeted floors, which means you need to consider picking out area rugs for dorm rooms. If you are entering into a spacious room, purchase a large rug that is still capable of fitting under the whole bed and night tables. Otherwise, for smaller dorm rooms, go for an area rug that can cover about ⅓ of the bed’s base.

In Summary

Kick off your current college experience with a dorm room that is pleasantly equipped with moisturized air from this amazon humidifier, a bed with comfy sheets, pillows, and a comforter, along with all of the other essentials that we have discussed above. Then you won’t have to worry about your roommate whose snoring sounds like a lawn mower because you will have already crossed off earplugs from this checklist.