June 8, 2023

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Analog Tank Driving Simulator Patrols A Tiny Physical Landscape

Analog Tank Driving Simulator Patrols A Tiny Physical Landscape

How do you make a practical tank-driving simulator in the 1970s, when 3D laptop or computer-generated graphics are nevertheless just a fantasy of the foreseeable future? If you’re a European tanker school, the answer is to use a significant CNC equipment to travel a digital camera close to a miniature terrain product (German, translated). In the video immediately after the split, [Tom Scott] usually takes it for a take a look at drive.

The old computer was replaced with a Raspberry Pi
The primary computer system was replaced with a Raspberry Pi

Produced in France, the simulator provided a safer and extra price-helpful way for educating new trainees the essentials of driving Centurion, Leopard 2, or Panzer 68 tanks. The trainee sits in a realistic “cockpit” mounted on a hydraulically-operated movement system, with a Tv monitor in entrance of his experience, which is linked to a camera mounted on a significant gantry-model CNC system.

The camera’s lens is mounted just higher than a pivoting metal foot which slides across the 12 m-very long terrain model and sends its angle to the hydraulic procedure. It will even alter the tank’s handling dependent on its latest place on the product to simulate diverse surfaces like dirt, snow, or asphalt.

The last of these devices remained in use until eventually 2004 at the military teaching center in Thun, Switzerland, prior to staying saved by the Swiss Army Museum from currently being scrapped. The authentic 70s computer, electronics, and hydraulics last but not least gave out, so the museum undertook a total refurbishment of the method to return it to functioning purchase for museum website visitors. It was held as initial as attainable, but components for the first laptop or computer could not be uncovered, so it was replaced with a Raspberry Pi and custom made interface board.

In excess of 3 a long time, these simulators possibly qualified a couple of thousand tank motorists, and even with confined technologies did an great position of making ready trainees for the serious factor. In addition to offering coaching for operators, motorists and pilots, simulators are also just plain pleasurable. We have noticed some spectacular household built simulator like a  A-10 Warthog, an F-15 sim crafted from an real wreckage, and even a starship’s bridge.