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5 Easy Ways to Optimize your Cloud Hosting

What Is Cloud Computing? | PCMag

Traditional hosting relies on the physical, tangible server to store data. This may have its own set of limitations and may be vulnerable to disasters. However, Cloud Hosting works by storing data on multiple servers, and each of them connected to each other through the cloud. The main benefit of using a cloud over traditional hosting is that in traditional hosting, you are bounded by the resources of the server. However, a Cloud Hosting relies on multiple servers and can be scaled to any practical amount of resources. 

It is important to understand that just purchasing a Cloud Hosting for your website may not be enough, as you need to optimize it to realize the full potential of the cloud. There are many ways in which you can optimize your Cloud Hosting, but here we list out the top 5 most effective way of doing so.

  1. Use of a CDN
    A CDN works by creating a static version of the page and then storing it across multiple servers spread throughout the globe. When a page is accessed by a user, it is loaded from the nearest proximate location from the user. This speeds up the whole processes and increases the page load speed by multiple times, enhancing user experience and improving your website’s SEO. CDN also acts as the first line of defence against any malicious cyber-attack attempts. 
  2. Caching your website:
    Caching involves storing the static files of your website into an HTML file and then serving it to