May 31, 2023

Y M L P -228

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Laptop components and software package provisioning

When a buy get is issued for a new laptop, the Support Desk staff will instantly e-mail you with a ticket range informing you that an IT personal computer technician has been assigned to set-up your new laptop or computer(s).

By default, all new computer systems are sent to your closest IT Assistance Centre to have their Windows or MacOS running systems configured to be centrally managed. Computers are tagged, engraved, included to stock, and programs are mounted these kinds of as Sophos Antivirus, Microsoft Office environment, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Google Chrome.

If you demand any distinctive software, knowledge transfer, or customized configuration for your new computer system(s), reply to the ticket by e-mail so your technician gets your ask for promptly and can begin getting ready.
Be sure to notice that particular elements of the provisioning system are obligatory this sort of as tagging, engraving, and installation of the University’s anti-virus software program. See corresponding Coverage on personal computer provisioning VPS-32

This laptop or computer provisioning process is followed by all departments supported by the Services Desk. If your department is supported by a designated IT technician or aid group, speak to them directly for more details regarding your new laptop or computer provisioning.