June 9, 2023

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Things you should know about estimating sales on Amazon

Amazon Revenue Slows, and Costs Rise - The New York Times

Across the entire international Amazon marketplace, there are millions of products in more than 30 categories. But only after at least one sale does a product receive a Best Sellers Rank (BSR). The lower the BSR, the more the product sells. Sales figures might fluctuate frequently, so to get the full picture, you need look at each product’s sales history and it is advised to use amazon sales ranking calculator. You’ll beat out your rivals by utilizing the most recent and precise sales monitors, checkers, and apps.

Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank

If you’re not familiar, the BSR, or Amazon sales rank, refers to the product’s position inside the category. As you can see, this product’s Amazon ranking in the category of groceries and gourmet foods is 315. Because it is at the highest level, the grocery and gourmet food category is regarded as the “top” category. For a specific keyword, organic ranking refers to how highly your products appear on Amazon’s search engine results pages (SERP). Your BSR represents the product’s position in relation to other items in the same category based on sales.

The same item comes in fifth place under candy mints. Candy mints are the “child” category since they are the most specific and positioned at the bottom. For each category, a specific product is ranked, although when people discuss BSR, they usually mean the rank of the top broad category. This time, it’s groceries and fine dining. You’ll inevitably raise your ABSR by raising your sales (or downloads, if you’re an ebook). Just keep in mind that the ABSR is compared to other companies in the same sector.

Why is it important for Amazon sellers to study trends?

  • Avoiding marketing a product in a falling market segment is crucial.

You may determine whether an item’s sales are heading upward or decrease by looking at product trends. Be careful to stay away from products with diminishing sales.

  • Finding out whether a product is season

Only during specific seasons do some things have a tendency to sell well. You may locate products that are most likely to sell regularly throughout the year by looking at sales trends.

  • Some sales unexpectedly increase

Numerous factors can cause a sudden spike in sales. To truly understand a product’s conversion rate, you must examine all previous data. On Amazon, comparable products may have substantially varied daily sales figures. Before deciding to sell a product through Amazon FBA, it is crucial to conduct thorough specialized research.

Know about product niche

A product niche is a section of a broader market that contains goods targeted at highly particular interests, hobbies, and tasks. Specific long tail keywords can be used to find these goods.

Which product categories ought to be avoided?

  • Small Demand

Lackluster demand in a niche will not translate into a large quantity of sales.

  • A lot of opposition

Additionally, it’s preferable to stay away from markets with plenty of competing sellers because doing so will make it more challenging to raise your product ranking.