June 10, 2023

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Web Hosting Security – What You Need to Know

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Your website is a representative of your company. The importance of your site is such, that if it is not easy to access or opens slowly, it impacts your credibility and sales. You are relying on another company for its services and entrusting then with your important information.

Advantages of Choosing Hosting Raja


  • We provide better speed to access/open your website
  • We provide uninterrupted service
  • We give round the clock password-protected ftp access to your site.
  • We guarantee integrity and security of your site.
  • We monitor both the server and internet connections
  • We have a large backup facility
  • Your websites are hosted on high performance servers
  • Virus and spam filtering service ensuring secure transaction
  • We have over a decade of providing service in this field.

 Uninterrupted power and UPS


Access to the servers is tightly controlled and our technical staff monitors your website round the clock. Our clients’ websites have never fallen prey to hacking or viruses. We are there for you, whether you want to launch a website or you want secure web hosting services. We offer you to make the most of you investment, our customer support is courteous and accessible and we provide you the speed or space you require.

Hosting Raja assures that the servers are free of any adult-sites and implements a strict policy of shutting down violating sites immediately without refunds. The email system provided is equipped with spam and virus filters. The servers are kept in secure, climate-controlled commercial communications and data center facilities that have provisions for diesel generator back-up for an uninterrupted power supply. We ensure the protection of website and email data by making back-ups daily and weekly. Files are also duplicated onsite or offsite on a different server in a secure directory so that the recovery of important data is fast. Additionally, the company uses low-risk programs that do not compromise on server security.

Secure Hosting India


SSH(Secure Shell), SCP (Secure Copy) or SFTP (Secure FTP), and provide secure webmail access to their customer’s email accounts.

Essentials of a Secured Web Hosting


This week has seen a lot of outrage over the internet as one of the reputed providers in the web hosting industry failed to keep its security promises. As a result the lakhs of customers suffered as servers were down. A number of unhappy and worried webmasters were seen tweeting about the network security failure.

This is a classic example of substandard security being provided for the customer’s websites. Website owners are under the constant threat of being hacked. We are of the opinion that as long as your servers are strong and protected against hackers, you don’t have to worry about anything. Hosting Raja assures all its customers of highest levels of web security to make sure that nothing goes wrong, ever.

Web hosting security is an idea that is the most misunderstood and neglected especially by the website owners who lack the technological expertise. A surprisingly large section of website owners fail to appreciate the importance of using a secure hosting solution. What is worse is that many fail to apply even the most basic countermeasures such as using complex, non-default passwords and patching applications on a regular basis. The most important aspect is to select a secure web hosting provider who will not treat your website as just another set of codes on its server